Giocare al Casinò online può causare dipendenza patologica. Il gioco online, anche gratis, è riservato ai maggiori di 18 anni.

La Boule: Regole del Gioco

Scopri tutti i segreti di questa variante del popolare gioco francese e inizia a puntare dopo aver letto le regole ufficiali del Boule.

La Boule: Regole del Gioco

La boule, French for ball, is a casino game similar to roulette. Especially popular in France, boule can be found in online casinos that generate high amounts of French traffic, such as Casino 770 and Casino Riva.

  • Layout – The game includes a boule wheel, a betting layout, and a ball.
  • Wheel – Unlike a roulette wheel, which features 38 numbers (00, 0, and Nos. 1-36), a boule wheel consists of 36 numbered holes which are either red, black, or yellow. The numbers range from 1 to 9 and they are placed next to the holes in a consecutive order. Each number appears four times.
  • Bets – The betting is similar to roulette. Each player may wager on a single number, color, odd, even, low (1-4) or high (6-9). Betting occurs before the ball is spun around the wheel.
  • Number 5/Yellow – The number 5 is similar to 00 or 0 in roulette. The hole next to 5 is yellow, so if the ball lands on 5, only bets on yellow or 5 will win. Unlike roulette, 5 and yellow result more frequently (11.1%) than 00 (2.6%), 0 (2.6%), or green (5.26%).
  • Odds – The following is the payout structure for boule:

    Single Number/Yellow7-1
  • House Edge – The house has an edge of 11.11% on every bet.

Boule Strategy

Boule is a simplified version roulette with very little, if any, strategy involved. Players tend to look for trends, keeping track of the results from each spin, but each spin is an independent statistical event. It will not affect future spins nor will previous spins affect spins to come.

Perhaps the best plan of action is to bet on a single number in hopes of earning seven times your money in return and then picking another game in the lobby or at the casino.

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