Giocare al Casinò online può causare dipendenza patologica. Il gioco online, anche gratis, è riservato ai maggiori di 18 anni.

Casino War: Regole del Gioco

Casino War è il gioco semplice ma divertente che si può trovare su CasinoSmash. Non prevede particolari abilità e quindi è il gioco perfetto per chi cerca l'azzardo puro.

Casino War: Regole del Gioco

How to play Casino War

Casino War is a simple yet fun game available on CasinoSmash. There isn’t any skill involved, meaning it’s the perfect game for those seeking a pure gamble.

Casino War is played with six decks of cards. To begin, players place a wager and then each player and the dealer receive one card each. Cards are ranked according to their value with aces being the highest. If the player’s card is greater than the dealer’s, then they win the wager. If the dealer’s card is higher, the player loses the wager. Simple, but what if they have the same card?

That is when the player must make one of two choices:

  • ”Go to War”
  • Surrender and forfeit half their wager.

The second option speaks for itself, but if the player chooses to go to war, they must place a second wager equal to the first. The dealer will then burn three cards and deliver the next card face up. Any other players who went to war will have the same thing happen to them, and then the dealer will receive a second card.

If the player’s second card is greater than the dealer’s second card, he or she will win all three wagers (both of theirs and the dealer’s). If the dealer’s second card is higher, the dealer wins both bets. If the two tie again, the dealer will place an additional amount equal to the original wager and the player wins all four wagers.

Players are also allowed to place a separate Tie wager, which pays ten times the wager when the player and dealer receive the same card. Basic optimal Casino War strategy suggests never to bet on a tie, and always got to war when you get one.

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